• Luke Dillon

Caffeine and Machine

Yesterday we popped down to Caffeine and Machine for a coffee and to get away from the computer. As many of you already know C&M has blew up this year and I am not surprised. We have been before and spoke highly of the event and yesterday we were even blessed with some English sunshine. C&M have been busy and now have extended the carpark but also charge for parking. I remember the first time I went thinking this place is not big enough and to see all the additional parking makes sense.

However now it is £5.00 on the door or £10.00 booking in advance, this makes sense to me because C&M has had an issue with parking and even though it may seem silly you have to think C&M is a business. And they have to employ people to manage the car park due to the mass of people, also some people will just turn up and leave without buying a drink or food, something C&M needs to stay a float. They do not advertise for people to come at weekend in the masses, this is something I think is awesome that people do and this weekend was no exception.

Regarding the price is it worth paying an extra £5.00 to reserve a space? Personally I do think so, even though you do not get special parking with your name on and red carpet on entry you know you are getting a spot. It also means C&M has an idea of how many people are coming and can prepare for this. Even though its £5.00 on the door or £10.00 in advance you get a free drink, so if I did not book a space I would have saved £2.00 overall. However I travel from over an hour away and I would rather waste £2.00 and know I have a spot and argue that I booked a spot instead of been turned away and sitting in a Little Chef on the M42. Is Little Chef even still going? Apparently so!

I am really looking forward to summer at C&M and can not wait to see the future plans, I would really like to go in the week and I think if I am travelling down to London I will pop in. I did not take many photos but I did add a few below! Imagine when we have the podcast, we can go more into depth about places like this and involve you guys and see what you think of Caffeine and Machine.

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Enjoy your week!