• Luke Dillon

BTCC at Donington - Practise & Qualifying

Last Saturday I was at my favourite track, Donington. This time watching something a little different, the BTCC practise and qualifying day. I have wanted to see the BTCC fly around the track for a while now and I am gutted I could not see the main race due to other events but it was great hearing them fly down the main straight.

Even with the poor weather and endless rain and overcast all day it did not change my mood. I was very fortunate to gain access through @benkasperczakoffical who is a 15 year old who is racing in Michelin Ginetta Junior Championship. A awesome guy with pure talent.

In return to free access I followed Ben and used him as a case study for the day, it was great to see him prep with his team, qualify and reflect back on his racing. Ben had only been in the car twice and it was not even his Ginetta! His car will be on the track soon and I look forward to seeing how he gets on. If you would like to find out how Ben got one make sure to check out his Instagram @benkasperczakofficial !

When I was not following Ben I had a trip around the paddocks and walked Donington track. It is so strange to me to be able to walk around the Paddocks and see what people are doing as well as seeing the odd BTCC hero walking around. I do love this though because it involves the visitors so much more and makes the perfect motorsports in my opinion.

A lot went on even in practise with a few slips and slides due to the weather. Before I knew it everyone had been out for qualifying and it was time to get some racing underway. A few hairy moments within the Porsche Carrera Cup however Michelin Ginetta Junior Championship was were it got scary. On the opening lap 3 cars were taken out and meant the race had to be restarted. Luckily @benkasperczakofficial and the car survived the slide and made it back round to the start line.

After the Ginetta race I decided to leave due to the weather and wanting to get warm and not get ill. Even with the bad weather it was a great day out. It does not take a genius to work out I know nothing about BTCC just by reading this article, however even a BTCC dummy it is a great day out and worth watching.

I really recommend going to watch the BTCC on the Saturday it was £16.00 and Sunday £35.00 on the gate. I think it is £26.00 to book in advance but due to writing this after the event I can not confirm this.

Check out some of the photos from the day!

The rest are on Kingdom >> Download

Let me know what you was up to last weekend! Enjoy your week and drive safe!