• Luke Dillon

Best of July & August plans

What a month July was! A very busy month for myself and if I am honest I can not remember what I got up to. July started off with SlammedUK Gravity event, what a cracking event that was. I wish I made the most of it however I was physically shattered and noticed it in my photos and looking forward to going back next year. The weekend after Gravity was Trax at Donington, an awesome event that was all because of Kingdoms club stand. It was good to meet up with friends and enjoy a day were I did not care what cars were there.

The 3rd week of July was our big mid year sale, if I am honest we made 1 sale in the whole week. I did not push the sale enough that is my own fault however it was something different and I know for next year I need to push it more and probably do it the week after due to pay day. Along with the big sale was one of my favourite shows of the year, Supercar fest. From classics to supercars were some of the many cars that ripped up the hill climb. A busy event that is crazy when it was their first ever event!

The following week was Silverstone Classic and FittedUK. A mixed feeling weekend, I thought Silverstone Classic was over prices but on the other hand FittedUK was an excellent event that was massive and I am already looking forward to next years show!

No new products in July and this is the same for August. I am working on 2020 products now as I want to test them before releasing something I do not back. Looking at the event calendar I think the main automotive season has peaked and we are slowly coming to the end of the car season. In August I will be going to Car Cafe XL in Nottingham, RH x BH on the 4th of August. I will be going to Farnham on the 10th to go to Mr & Mrs Lewis Car Collection which I am looking forward to as it is a little different. The following day I will be at Convoy in the Park in Donington and the following week on the 18th of August I will be at Torque & Beans. That will be it for August apart from one event that everyone is saying I should be at on the 30th/31st, I will not say what this event is but I am planning on going.

If you want to do a shoot or think there is a show I should be at let me know. Looking forward to a few quieter weekend and hopefully can work on some car & owner articles along with some other ideas I have. Looking forward to producing more content but also more variety and find out more about people in the automotive world.

If I can help at all let me know! Enjoy your August and hope to see you at an event.