• Luke Dillon

Bella Auto

It's time to venture out and last weekend I did just that. Last Sunday I headed up to Gateshead for Bella Auto. The best way to describe Bella Auto would be a family Supercar Sunday. A great local event for anyone who lives that way and a good way to kill a few hours as long as the weather is good.

Easy access and a lovely manor house sets the scene to have a variety of supercars. Bywell Hall is hidden between Corbridge and Prudhoe giving an exclusive and private feel to the event. An affordable event that was well planned, food area, entertainment spot and lots of variety in supercars. From the typical supercars like Aston Martins and Lamborghinis to the not so typically seen P1 and Carrera GT. JDM lovers could drawl over legendary skylines and America muscle owns could shout AMERICA over a Corvette stingray.

One thing that did confuse me is how everyone walked through the food area first, this makes sense but I did feel like I was going through the back entrance instead of been greeted by a few supercars first. Saying this the interesting cars had a closer car park making the event just a little bit bigger and giving credit to those who are not garage queens.

The event was affordable and for just £10.00 online it is a great event to go to, especially if your local, it is not worth a 6 hour drive as I had walked around and seen everything within 2 hours and was ready to head to my next event. Saying this Bella Auto did pull it out the bag with some very interesting cars, a £2.2 million P1, Carrera GT, Lamborghini Countach and Urus. It was a shame that they had to be tapped off but I understand why due to the value of the cars but I wish they'd lower the tape line or give more room around the cars as people can easily still touch the car. Having the tape further back would also mean no tape in photos, this is something I have spoken about before but Bella Auto 'tape off' did not match the brand. It looked like electrical fencing you have in a friend to keep the cows in.

Saying this that was the only downfall, a great event that is great for all types of people. If thats someone looking to buy a new car or someone looking to take the family out for the day. As mentioned earlier Bella Auto is a great way to spend a weekend and it has the potential to be much more and is something a lot of people interest in supercars in the North of England should be looking out for.

As always this is my opinion and you may have had a totally different experience. Let me know if you was there and tell me what you thought of the event. I am always looking to improve automotive event reports so let me know how!

Drive safe & enjoy your week!