• Luke Dillon

another 720S Spider launch!

This week all you are going to see everywhere is new car this and new car that! Why? Because car event season has kicked off with the Grandaddy of all car events, Geneva. So as I headed down to McLaren Rybrook last night after getting an invitation from Redline247 .

This launch was a little bit more special with 2 extra 720S Spiders with one being even more special (MSO). An evening event that started off with a speech and introduction into the vehicle with the main selling point being the convertible roof. Now McLaren does a lot better job at explaining their master piece so head to McLaren Rybrook to find out everything you need to know.

I am not going to talk too much about this beast as honestly I was focusing more on getting photos and did not listen to a thing if I am honest. The photos do not do this car justice is and coupe is a car I one day would love to drive.

Tell us what you think! We do not look at new cars but if their is a demand for it we will do it!

Thank you to Redline 247 and McLaren Rybrook for the invitation, hope to be at more in the future and bring more value to you!

Luke / Kingdom