• Luke Dillon

A taste of Caffeine & Machine

This place got recommended to me a couple of weeks back, I did a little bit of research and knew straight away I needed to go. Checked to see if there was an event on last Sunday and it turns out every Sunday there is a unorganised meet, meaning they do not advertise it so you could have one car turn up or one hundred. There was a little bit of everything from S3's and Coopers S's to DB11's and 911's. A great way to start a Sunday morning and only being an hours drive means if no ones there I can just sit and chill having a coffee in the warm. Something you can not usually do at most car meets.

What I love is inside all of the automotive materials and artwork, as soon as you walk in you are greeted by a classic race bike and well theres more but you'll have to go to find out. It is a lovely place and I will be back year and will dive deeper into everything up there. If you are ever around Stratford Upon Avon or driving down the M40 make sure to take a detour and have a look! It is truly something else. It does not matter what you drive if your a car lover you will feel right at home.

Kingdom / Luke