• Luke Dillon

2020 plans and changes

As the car season closes it is time to plan for 2020. For me, 2020 will be my first major year and will be pushing Kingdom forward. I have been keeping my eyes and ears open in 2019 and know where I want to be and what I want to be doing.

I will be at more of a variety of shows and only heading to the main scene shows. I aim to be at more motorsports events but also reduce the number of events I am at but get the most out of the events I am at.

I want to produce better content and go more in-depth with the events I attended but also the photographs I take. I have been talking about car & owner content as well as a podcast. It's something I want to get into and wish I had the time to do and in 2020 is something I want to do.

I aim to start pushing more premium content and bring you more value. Along with content, we will see more products come to the shop that has been requested for a long time. The limited-edition will be the first to appear however in 2020 we will see the first pieces of clothing as well as key tags.

These items are in the works and there may even be version two air fresheners but this has not been confirmed. The cap, hoodie, and T-shirt will be dropping in May and I aim to get the key tags out as soon as possible.

On the downside in 2020 there will be no reps or additional photographers. This approach did not work in the past and I have found that Kingdom has developed more when I have pushed the brand more personal and I aim to follow this. Also as the brand develops it because more of a risk of getting a bad name if the name is tied to certain people.

I hope this gives a clear idea into what will be happening in 2020 with Kingdom. If you want to support the brand feel free to check out the site.

Apart from that enjoy your day!