• Luke Dillon

2020 Kingdom

It is a fun time of year, leftover turkey, random elf socks and everyone asking what your New Year plans are. I found out today it was a Sunday and it was the 29th. Over the winter break, I have been reflecting on 2019 but also where I want to take Kingdom in 2020.

I attended a crazy amount of shows in 2019 from motorsports to stance events, got soaked burnt and lost along the way. Questioned builds, fell in love with new cars and met some pretty awesome people along the way. Been to some brilliant event and some bullshit events and learned a lot about the Kingdom and the UK car world. In 2020 I will not be attending as many events due to work but also money, some events should not even speak about in the UK and others should be promoted more. Next year I want to push people who are doing well and shout about the positive in the UK scene and if I can get rid of some of the crap along the way then that a plus.

I can not confirm what shows/event I will be at but I want to go into more in-depth reviews/content within these shows. I want to do more private shoots and bring more value to my imagery and content that I put out. In 2020 we are going to see some new items and some plans I had for 2019 but never had time to start.


On May 1st the first 3 clothing will be dropping along with the limited edition slap to celebrate 2.5 years of Kingdom. Expect a cap, hoodie, and t-shirt to be dropping. We are currently still working on these items and will start to release more about the items as they develop. I will be testing these items throughout the next few months and refining the tops before releasing them. We also will have Box50 and box70, these boxes are Kingdom packs that will save you £20 and £25 off your order. The boxes are worth £50 and £70 and come with lots of kingdom items inside.



Next, I am looking to do lots of private shoots from stance cars to race cars, offroad beast to pristine classics. We will be contacting people and have a long list of people to hit up about photos shoot in the new year. Each shoot will come with a full article on the website talking about the car and the owner's story. Along with this, I want to do the same with business and creators exploring the lifestyle and brands behind the UK automotive world. If you want to feature make sure to send me a message on here or through Instagram @kingdomautomotive.

I am still trying to work it out but I want to tap into video and podcast content. I want to start it and have a few ideas but want to content to be worthwhile and worth listening too. I want to start this next year and look forward to sharing it with you. I will be launching this and if you want to find out more check out the 'Community' page.

Finally, I want to engage with the audience more and an easy and fun way is through games. I will aim to be on most weeks for at least a couple of hours to compete and interact with followers. On automotive games such as Forza and Project Cars and other games if requested. This will probably be here and there because of work but something different and engaging.


In 2020 I will be hosting a meet, possibly in August. I am looking for a venue, somewhere quirky and different. Great for photos and true to Kingdoms style. If you know of anywhere let me know. Cars and Coffee style with a variety of cars from all backgrounds.

GOODBYE, 2019!

2019 has been a blast and I am really happy with the Kingdom and the direction it is taking. In 2019 we will be leaving behind Freebie Friday, Kingdom beermats and Kingdom box stickers. Do not worry Freebie Friday will be back in 2021 but will only be 12 drops but much bigger with lots more prizes!!

I hope you have had a great year and looking forward to 2020. What are your 2020 plans?

Have a great New Years Eve,