• Luke Dillon

2019 Online show

So we go to lots of shows from the small cars and coffee to the big in door show and shines. What we really want to publish is the open car show style for all to access, there is many shows all over the country and sometimes people can not get to an event because of availably or travel or another event. Many cars do not get any coverage because of many things and we want to try and reduce this and give more people the opportunity to get out there.

Now we do not have the money to host a multi car style show or the notice to get the variety of cars so we thought of creating something more interactive and giving people more opportunity to win something after the show. What we will be doing is picking a car from each show in different categories. Best in show, best interior, best exterior and best wheels. We may add some more categories or change some things up as it is the first year but we hope it brings a new perspective to the car scene. Each month 4 people will win in their category then at the end of the year in December the 11 cars of each category will be put into a final draw where the public car choose.

We hope you like the new idea and hope to see your car on their, ideally we want to create a website where you can find all the photos on online after a show and find out more about the event and who we picked out from the show or meet. If you have any thoughts or ideas make sure to send a message! We are currently going through all the branding for next year to create the best opportunities and make Kingdom easy to use.

Our URL is changing, soon it will be www.kingdomautomotive.co.uk

Kingdom // Luke