• Luke Dillon

1 year of Kingdom

It is crazy to think a year has gone by so quick. Kingdom was created on November the 1st 2017 and was just a media page of cars. To think we now offer photoshoots, air fresheners, beer mats, sun strips, illustrations and lots more. To think we went from just photos to a few products and now looking to create more forms of media. We now have photographers and car reps and looking to grow and readjust next year!

This year we sponsored two events, had 1 club stand, arranged one photoshoot drive and attended many events, from now till 1st November 2019 we aim to double this. We have more products coming and in the works of new creators and reps, we will be pushing Kingdom and growing Kingdom with many things such as photoshoot drives and cars and coffee.

Personally I would like to thank everyone who liked, followed, commented on what we do, thank you to all the new faces and the appreciation of what we do. Thank you to everyone who bought something and supported us throughout this first year! I am already looking forward to the 1st of November 2019 when there is much more to reflect on. As a thank you for the support we have a 20% off order with code: year1 . This code will run out on the 7th of November so grab it quick!

Again thank you!

Luke // Kingdom