Frequently asked questions

How do I order custom illustrations?

Easily order a custom illustration by selecting the options on the product on or products page. After paying for the illustration we will email you on the email address you provided when purchasing the product. When you are happy with the product we will print and ship the product out to you.

What can I do with digital photos and illustration files you send?

You are more than welcome to print or share personal photos of your car that we have taken from events, photshoots or digital illustrations from an order. However you can not use these photos for commerical or profitable use. If you would like to use the photos for commercial purposes you must contact Kingdom. We will speak to the creator of the piece you wish to use and settle a deal.

What happens if I am not happy with the product?

Depending on the product means different outcomes. If we send the wrong item we will send out the correct item. If the product is damaged will we send out another product if it is clear it was damaged in postage. To make sure this is what happened make sure to take a photo of the package as you recieve it. Stickers/Sunstrips: If you haven't stuck down the sunstrip or sticker you can return it. After returning the item we will refund you for the product. However we will not refund you for postage. If you break the product whilst applying it we will not replace it for free. Illustrations: As we go through the illustration with you before print we can not refund you your money as you gave the all clear to print. Photoshoots/Drives: There is no refund on printed photos from the event as you can see what you ordered before hand. If you are clearly unsatisified with the service and the outcomes from the photoshoot or drive you may be able to claim a refund. This is if a clear reason is given.

When will my order be posted?

Orders are usually posted next day, illustrations will vary depending when completed. If you order something on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday they will be posted on a Monday. Due to Kingdom been a side job right now I usually have to work at weekends meaning the post office are closed before I have finished work. Apologises for this and if I do have time I alway try to post as soon as possible. Luke.

Can you give me a shoutout?

We do not give anyone a shoot our and will always stick to this. If you want exposure the best way is to arrange a shoot. If the car is interesting and different we want to shoot and write about your car so make sure to message us!

Can I get a freebie?

We do not give people freebies, however if you have a certain about of exposure in the automotive scene we want to work with you. Make sure to contact us